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Dr. Lawrence Dunegan - The New World Order of Enslavement

  • Dr. Lawrence Dunegan - The New World Order of Enslavement

    On March 20, 1969, Dr. Lawrence Dunegan listened as a member of "The Order" delivered a hair-raising speech to a room full of doctors. He and the others were told not to record what they were hearing but, instead to take notes. The speaker insisted that he was doing the doctors a favor by explaining how the world was going to change. He said he believed if they knew, they would be better prepared to accept the coming changes.

    Once you understand the plan, you cannot help but to see it advancing all around you. The video is made from tapes which are the reminiscences from Dr. Lawrence Dunegan of a speech given in 1969 by an insider of "The Order," Dr. Richard Day, whose credentials are listed as Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics for the University of Pittsburgh; Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and member of The Order.

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