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Dr Eby - Caught up into Paradise

  • Dr Eby - Caught up into Paradise

    In this book Dr. Eby reveals the tender care of God's protective love in three generations of his family through miracle after miracle. Your heart will be stirred.

    Dr. Richard E. Eby was a nationally recognized physician, gynecologist, and professor with a very successful practice. In the year of 1972, he was 60 years old. When he was coming down to the second floor from the attic with a box of debris that he had collected. He dashed out and leaned against the railing, which was unknown to him, had been eaten away by termites. With his weight, and of the box, the railing gave way. He plunged headfirst two stories down onto the edge of the concrete sidewalk. His head hit the concrete suddenly.

    Right when Dr. Eby hit the cement, with no time in between, he was in a place he had never been before. He was in a place saturated with love, authority, peace, goodness, and grace. He knew instinctively that was heaven. That is all he knew the moment he landed. He looked to see where he had landed, and it was absolutely perfect. Not a flower with a broken petal, just perfect. He had landed in a place that he was immediately able to name, it was paradise. Because instantly, he felt the presence of Jesus. It was a place of release from all the physical difficulties that the body or mind can register. He heard himself saying, without having any ability to compose the thought, “You are dead.” The voice seemingly came out from him and he heard it as if he had spoken it, but it was not his voice. It was the voice of the Lord. It is mind to mind. You can think so fast that it cannot be computed. It is the same mind that Christ has.

    Dr. Richard Eby’s spiritual body was of the same size and shape. The difference was that he was in his spirit body. His spirit was transparent, like clear glass. When he looked to the side his spirit body would take on an opacity, but at the same time, he could see right through it. It had no weight, and none of the senses that register pain, fright or discomfort. There were no bones, ligaments, tissues or organs.

    His mind operated very different from his mind here on Earth. When Jesus wanted to say something, he knew it immediately in his mind. If he asked a question, it seemed as if Jesus had answered it before he finished the question.

    Dr. Eby asked Jesus, “why He would not talk to him in English.” Jesus answered him that for two reasons. One, all languages on earth is a result of a curse, therefore He would not speak with him in heaven in a cursed language. And mainly, because Satan cannot tune in, in the heavenly language. It is mind to mind and there are no errors.

    They moved along in heaven as if they were flying. Because they have no weight, they simply went as they wished, without ever touching the ground.

    Dr. Eby asked, “God where am I?” God said, “Didn’t you read my book? And God asked him that questions the entire time they were together until Dr. Eby got irritated and he asked him why does He ask him, Why did you not read my book? God answered him that He has put in His book everything that anyone will ever need to know. God said It is all there, whether we found it or not.

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