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Hypnosis Hypnotism Hypnotherapy is Demonic

  • Hypnosis Hypnotism Hypnotherapy is Demonic

    Hypnosis is nothing new. It has been used for thousands of years by witchdoctors, and shaman spirit mediums alike. Hypnosis has always been a powerful tool of the occult. Four ways to get in touch with the spiritual realm quickly is by hypnosis, drugs, meditation, and visualization. Anytime we interfere and change the normal brain pattern we bring ourselves into an altered state of consciousness, and if radical enough in touch with the spiritual realm. A hypnotist may encourage the participant to enter a light or medium trance, but he cannot guarantee the hypnotized subject from spontaneously entering the danger zone. This is where real and permanent damage can occur. One can experience a sense of being separated from their body, hallucinate, or go into a mystical state similar to those of mystics and meditators.

    Current trends are people being hypnotized who are brought back into memories of a few days or from the womb and prior to birth, experiencing past lives. However this is scientifically impossible because of the scientific fact that the myelin sheathing is too underdeveloped in the prenatal, natal, and early postnatal brain to reserve such memories. Some 25,000 cases have been documented by a doctor. It certainly appears as if familiar spirits were there during these people’s lifetimes to give a somewhat accurate reading, convincing those involved.

    Past life regression is done to help subjects overcome some type of phobia or fear such as swimming (which usually means they drowned in their past life). Most everyone is a somebody in the past, even though they may not be now.

    The fact is no one knows exactly how hypnosis actually “works,” and though they may have intentions of using it for good it is still an unexplored area that affects the mind. Some use it for self-healing. The Occultist Edgar Cayce also used self-hypnosis to enter a trance state and diagnose disease and prescribe treatment to patients he never saw, some from far away places. Self-hypnosis can be occultic and just as dangerous as a trance induced by a hypnotist. This is the same state mediums go into to contact the “dead,” or when clairvoyants receive information of events they could not know by natural means.

    Just because hypnotists use scientific terminology does not mean their abilities are mental or from natural phenomena. Most hypnotists do not believe in the occult and are neither open to considering this phenomena being from a spiritual (demonic) source. They feel it is either latent human power or something undiscovered as yet. As one surrenders himself to a doorway into the occult, under the disguise of “science” or “medicine,” he has open himself to the powers outside himself, and probable deception.

    We are warned by God not to practice sorcery, divination, or enchantment. we are not to follow after mediums, wizards, enchanters, charmers, and those who have a familiar spirit (Deut. 18:9-14).

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