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Let's celebrate! HAPPY PURIM! Promises from Heaven for You!

  • Let's celebrate! HAPPY PURIM! Promises from Heaven for You!

    Happy Purim, may ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH & PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH grant you victory in every way and may you have the best Purim yet! Keep it Pure & Holy!
    - much love, Prophet Elisheva

    Prophecy 80
    From this day forward I command the Bride of YAHUSHUA, MY Esther of New, to observe the Feast of Purim and make merry! Celebrate and praise ME for delivering Esther! For without her, how would the bloodline of YAHUSHUA come forth? There would not have been any Hebrews on the face of the earth left, if Haman had succeeded.

    [...] Bride of YAHUSHUA, study the Book of Esther! Bride of YAHUSHUA, rejoice! Again I, YAHUVEH, say rejoice! This IS the year of your Jubilee! Do not be focused on the judgments and vengeance

    Prophecy 108
    Just know that you do sparkle before ME! ALL OF THOSE who walk in MY Holiness and MY truth, who truly KNOW what Purim represents, what it is about! Just know this! You sparkle before ME, you WEAR— the finest garments. For there can be no finer garment than the Robe of Righteousness that MY SON YAHUSHUA puts around you.

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