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Prophecy 125 - Satans Elite Will Use Blood Red Moon

  • Prophecy 125
    Satan's elite will use the blood red moon of September 27th, 2015!

    When the blood moon happens tonight—I hear—"great spiritually attack." But ABBA YAH in the Name of YAHUSHUA, we are covered in the Shed Blood of YAHUSHUA. We stand on Psalm 91. We are hidden under the shelter of YOUR Wings. I had a dream that my husband was to be covering the windows, and when we took this to prayer, I heard "Make sure that the windows are covered with a covering. Make sure they are closed." And I speak only to the Holy, because the unHoly—those who aren't following after YAHUSHUA, this won't help you—but for those who truly follow after YAHUSHUA, WHO some call JESUS CHRIST and your in obedience to HIM, make sure you anoint those windows, because I heard "great spiritual attack."
    When this happens with the moon and the eclipse and it looks like it's red, we must pray. I’m hearing after this, "man’s inhumanity to man will rise up" in new ways...


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