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Prophecy 137 - Prophecy Holy Spirit Lullaby Revelation Teaching

  • Prophecy 137
    Prophecy Holy Spirit Lullaby Revelation & Teaching

    *Warning about Pokemon-go*. This game is evil and you are commanded by GOD to stay away from it. It invites the spirit of stupidity and draws you to many more demons. Many people today are journeying from place to place to find 'digital' pokemon' (pocket monsters) but are really spiritual demons.

    On Wednesday 10/3/17 two men fell off a cliff in LA chasing pokemon, playing pokemon go. Earlier this year, a grandfather playing pokemon-go was killed when he journeyed to a parking lot to find pokemon (pocket monsters) in Chesapeake Virginia.

    That’s all right children! Just rejoice! This shows you how much satan hates the love that I have given both of you! He fears the words that you have spoken!

    Ezra he knows that I have given a weapon like none other and I’ve told you all along it was love! But when you combined it with the words husband and wife NO WEAPON IN HELL CAN COME AGAINST IT! For this day this has been redeemed! It doesn’t matter whether you have internet! I just want you to see how Ezra I anointed you even back then to even play the songs in the order I told you to and the love Ezra as you sat there so helpless, you just wanted to hold her in your arms and comfort her and if you can see this video you would see it on your face and instead I just kept telling you, first is singing that lullaby, that is a lullaby straight from Heaven.

    Do you know IMMAYAH gives you each your own lullabies? You can’t always hear it. Seldom can you hear it and seldom do you know each other’s lullabies, but Ezra I take this opportunity since the devil has taken the internet to speak this Word to both of you. Ezra I gave you Elisheva’s lullaby. There’s times when you are praying and so distraught and you may be weeping and all of a sudden a peace comes over you and you don’t even know where it comes from – it’s just like a “Hush MY child” and a loving peace comes over you. That is your IMMAYAH and SHE’S singing you a lullaby and SHE’S rocking you in HER arms....

    This is why I reveal these secrets to you now so others will understand. This is why I add even now, 89 and 90, more revelations about who the RUACH HA KODESH is for those who will receive HER, the sweet HOLY SPIRIT as a MOTHER, this will be a blessing and now I take this opportunity, I YAHUVEH, to give a new Prophecy, a new Revelation from Heaven for Ezra you’re going to share that lullaby and this is what satan fears. No one can duplicate it. This is just further proof when I call a soul mate a soul mate, one who is Holy and I mean Holy, obedient, who have their priorities straight of I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH. I share secrets especially with those I call MY best friends, you and Elisheva, know things that come straight from Heaven....

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