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Prophetic Dream - Are you one of YAHUSHUA S pearls

  • Prophetic Dream
    Are you one of YAHUSHUA'S pearls

    Given to Apostle Elizabeth Elijah Nikomia on April 19, 2008

    A Power Prophetic Dream given to holy Prophet from father GOD. YAHUSHUA has set HIS people apart as beautiful pearls unto HIM. The odds for being one of these pearls is very small as we come closer to the Great Tribulation with each day. Are you one of YAHUSHUA'S pearls? A pearl of YAHUSHUA would be willing to lay down everything they have and love, incuding their life, for their savior YAHUSHUA.

    Elizabeth Elijah has been tested with the responsibility of speaking forth Holy Prophecies and Dreams as she recieves them from Abba YAHUVEH himself. These dreams are not meant to be taken lightly and are meant for us to examine ourselves and also to open the eyes of the blind.

    YAH says in dream through Elizabeth Elijah that only 1 person out of 10 people will go to heaven in these endtimes. The message is an urgency to open the eyes of those who are not living holy and still are bound in sin. YAH says "are you willing to pay the price to be YAHUSHUA'S?" So many are decieved in these endtimes and will hopefully awaken by prophecies and prophetic dreams ALMIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and RUACH ha KODESH speak though Apostle Elisabeth Elijah.Are you living holy (keeping 10 commandments, true shabbot holy, not compromising with sin?) This will detemine if you are one of HIS pearls who will go to heaven?

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