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Prophecy 24 Part 1 - Beware The Ark Door And Book of the Gentiles is Closing

  • Prophecy 24 [Part 1]

    "Get in now, the Ark door and Book of the Gentiles is closing. Come into the Ark. Come into MY arms where there is safety. For those that call ME Beloved and I call them MY beloved Bride, MY Children. Come believe once again in your BLESSED HOPE, Your ALMIGHTY GOD, LORD, SAVIOR and BRIDEGROOM. Believe in the BLESSED HOPE. I will rescue you from the wrath that is to come. For those that refuse the BLESSED HOPE, MY coming for MY beloved Bride, eloping with her in the midnight hour. You insult ME to say I will cause her to suffer the Wrath of Almighty God. She is MY beloved, why would I beat MY Bride up? I am not a wife beater." [...]

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