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Prophecy 24 Part 2 - Beware the Yeast of The Pharisees False Doctrine Prosperity Pimps

  • Prophecy 24 part 2

    "Beware the Yeast of the Pharisees"

    YAHUVEH GOD spoke through the Apostle and Prophet Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu) 11-15-98. I want to remark this. ABBA YAHUVEH warned us from evil's pastors who only want to lead the people astray preaching false doctrines (demonic doctrines). These so called pastors and leaders do not mention the salvation of the souls but prosperity. They are wolves in sheep clothing's or clones. They only look after the people's money but they do not care for the salvation of their souls. Sad to say! All these Churches have no Spirit of God within. They are churches of the pretenders. Please do not be deceived from all these Prosperity Pimps! Do not plant your seed on infertile soil. Abba YAHUVEH will held us accountable for where we sowed the seed. And HE will take our blessings out from us if we support theses false doctrines teaching from Prosperity Pimps.

    IMPORTANT NOTE OF THE MASS Deception leading millions of people to the worship and feet of the antichrist, the dark jesus which we THE Holy & Redeemed REBUKE IN YAHUSHUA'S/JESUS' NAME.

    From AMIGHTYWIND Prophecies
    "Be warned it will be the famous TV evangelists that will lead the masses to the son of satan, whom will come using the name that is trusted, JESUS. It will be the famous TV evangelists that have sold their souls to satan for fame and wealth that are teaching false manmade doctrines and leading the people to this false JESUS. In the Great Tribulation the name of JESUS will be counterfeited by the son of satan now called the anti-christ. This anti-christ will defile the name of JESUS and under the power of satan do signs, wonders and unholy miracles in a name known by the Christian Church, a name that is now loved and trusted, the name of JESUS CHRIST."

    "The son of satan, will do signs, wonders and false miracles in satan's power for satan's glory."

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