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Heaven s Court Defends Judge Roy Moore

  • Heaven s Court Defends Judge Roy Moore

    Real time Prophecy given to Apostle/Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu and Ezra Caleb her anointed prayer covering for beloved Judge Roy Moore. YAHUVEH GOD said no one will ever take that title of Judge away from Roy Moore, no matter what this world does to him. In Heaven are Roy Moore's rewards for his faithfulness to YAH'S Ten Commandments and standing up for morality in the face of great persecution. When he gets to Heaven he will be anointed by GOD to judge again in YAHUSHUA'S HA MASHIACH'S authority.

    This amazing Prophetic Word of encouragement also reveals that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is in Heaven, no matter what anyone says.

    After Elisheva Eliyahu received Prophetic Words from Heaven for Judge Roy Moore, he did call to thank us but unfortunately we weren't there to take his call. We will see our dear brother Roy Moore in Heaven.

    Judge Roy Moore is so honored by YAHUVEH GOD as he lays everything on the altar of sacrifice time and time again to stand up for morality and holiness! We pray great blessings on this Holy man of YAH! We love and appreciate him so much and consider it a great honor that YAHUVEH has blessed this Ministry with a live prophecy supporting him.

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