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2019 Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu - New Revelations And Teachings

  • 2019 Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu - New Revelations And Teachings

    "Its been the first time since I put a teaching by myself since my beloved husband Prophet Ezra Caleb from Israel and I got married. We have lovingly agreed to disagree and staying in the love of YAHUSHUA on this Scripture of Genesis 18:8 or Jasher 18:8.

    In Israel, separation of milk and meat is just accepted, but not even young children are expected to do it—but I only go by the biblical proof. Two Anointings are one—Judah & Ephraim have come together but not even Sha’ul who was a Torah teacher insisted on this being done, especially not to new converts. I have been very convicted as many have said this is just too hard for them, some are underweight, history of eating disorders, or cannot easily afford—and they think they will not go to Heaven because of what they eat, anything with dairy and meat. And I assure you that drinking a glass of milk with your meat dinner or dessert that consists of dairy right after your meal, will never send anyone to hell. There is a much greater meaning to “do not boil a kid in it’s mother’s milk” than just milk and meat (Ex 23:19; 34:26; Dt 14:21).

    The sin was when it was prepared as an offering to Molech, not that milk and meat can never be eaten. My husband born in Israel only knows what he was taught—what he is taught in Israel. I am also a full blooded Jew and I stand by the Words YAHUSHUA said that its not what goes in our mouth that defiles us, its what comes out of our mouth that defiles us (Mt 15:10-11; 16-20).

    I did not know that I was going to ever record this. I was having a conversation and the Anointing just hit me. It was like a new mantle of anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH just hit me and YAHUSHUA would no longer let me stay silent. I have to speak up because the main focus has to be YAHUSHUA. Moses can’t save you. In fact those that don’t receive YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH will stand before Moses without any mercy and he will condemn you. YAHUSHUA is the ONLY LIFE, THE TRUTH, AND THE WAY. Thank you for listening to this teaching and new revelations from heaven, and then you take it to prayer. The other subject I taught on was in regards to the Scripture, “Do not cook a young goat in its mothers milk” (Dt 14:21).

    This is referring to a heathen/pagan ritual done at that time and era. According to various Bible commentaries, the pagans of that era and of that area had a fertility rite, which involved boiling a kid in its mother's milk and sprinkling the broth as a magic charm on their gardens and fields. They did this in the hope of increasing the yield of their crops. GOD was warning HIS people against following this heathen ritual custom. It wasn't about dietary laws as much as it was about cruelty, abominations of idolatry and strange worship (Is 66:17).

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