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Prophecy 4 - Dont Despair When You Cant Feel Me By Your Side

  • Prophecy 4

    Don't Despair When You Can't Feel Me By Your Side!

    Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
    through Apostle Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia
    February 5, 1997

    excerpts from Prophecy 4

    I will not only send the volcano's that will erupt in a chain reaction, but I will shake the earth as a parent shakes a disobedient child. I am going to shake not one section of the earth at a time, but many sections of the earth at a time. I am going to send forth MY feet that will stomp the ground in rage. For MY anger is great toward the rebellious who have shaken their fist in MY face, and said they refuse to obey a book and rules written so many thousands of years ago. For those who use MY Name as a curse word. For those who mock MY Son's Blood that was shed for them at Calvary. I am going to send forth the hurricanes to demonstrate the tears I have shed over my unrepentant children.

    Over those that I created that should have been MY Children but refused to acknowledge ME as Father. Who turned to unholiness, and did not even attempt to please ME or seek ME. Floods will come and will cover many sections of the earth at one time. These will symbolize MY tears, as so many have Hell over Heaven. Those that chose satan over YAHUSHUA! I will send forth the tornadoes and it will be MY fist sending forth the flying wind. I will demonstrate this not in one place, when you see many come together you will know I am speaking and I am angry and MY anger is not easily appeased.

    There have always been earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes here and there but when you see them like a chain reaction, many at the same time then you will know this is the time I have warned you about. REPENT NOW before it's too late! I have been holding back MY anger far too long now! For the sake of MY Son and his prayers for you, the people I have held back MY wrath. But satan mocks ME and taunts ME because I have not punished you. He uses MY own creation to mock and taunt ME. The mouths I created! The mouths I anointed at one time. Yes, even in MY own churches I am mocked as the Holy Word is twisted to conform into man's image. Not a Holy Gods image. They are teaching homosexuality is of ME, it's not sin, it's YAHUVEH's fault, it's a birth defect.

    The lying and deceiving spirits are going forth out of those that have a form of godliness, but no godliness within. I will personally deal with these evil shepherds in ways that will show the people I am not a God to be mocked. I am not a God to be easily angered. I will deal harshly and you will see them drop dead in the pulpits, those that encourage these things and abortion. I knew each of you before you were in your mother's wombs. I created and fashioned and planned what I wanted your lives to be. It was your choice whether you became what I intended.

    Don't blame ME, for I only wanted the best for you. Even those of you who have suffered, and led a life that has not seemed blessed, I will and have used you for MY glory, in your suffering you have Glorified ME as others see you will still praise ME, serve ME and worship ME. MY anointing pours forth in your lives, even greater than those who have led a life that has few problems. Your life has not been given the blessings of others, but it was not because I do not love you like the others, it is because like YAHUSHUA was put on this earth to suffer for the sake of others, so to were you, and great will your rewards be in heaven if you remain faithful to the end

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