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Two Anointings Become One

  • Two Anointings Become One

    This is the first conversation between Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu and Ezra Caleb as he skyped with Associate Minister Kathrynyah and Elisheva joined her via telephone. They did not even see one another, and yet GOD ALMIGHTY was already joining their Anointing together as one!

    Suffering at the hands of a reprobate man, on a day Elisheva thought was the darkest of her life, instead turned out to be a gift from Heaven, the best in a man where she had known the worst.

    What she thought was the end of the Ministry and her life, was really a new beautiful beginning, unknown to her—it would be Ezra Caleb from Israel who only three months later, now stands with her as co-leader of AmightyWind Ministries.

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