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The Werewolf Reality

  • The Werewolf Reality

    Are there real werewolves? Watch this video and witness the real life transformation of a man (sanderclarijs777) into a werewolf. This is a revealing video, containing live footage and proof that there are real werewolves in satanic covens today. We back this topic up with sound Biblical teachings that will give people a greater insight on GOD's Divine Judgment from Biblical times of old all the way to these literally Last Days.

    Enemy sanderclarijs777 who joined with the enemies of AmightyWind on YouTube in a pursuit to pick apart the Holy Prophecies by twisting the Holy Bible and using it as a weapon against AmightyWind, was recruited into the occult by individuals like pastorgeorgec, LiftAloft aka robreedesq, Nephtali1981 and crosswayokc. These men and those associated with them are all heavily involved in the occult. The facts and footage that will be presented to you in this video, is another solid confirmation that these men pastorgeorgec, LiftAloft, Nephtali1981 and crosswayokc recruited sanderclarijs777 through satanic initiation into the occult. We have letters from Sander's ex-wife, testifying that around the very same time sanderclarijs777 turned against AmightyWind Ministry and joined these men, very strange, bizarre and terrible things happened including him becoming a werewolf and an obsession with death. Please watch this video to have a clearer understanding of what is spoken of in this limited description bar.

    May this be a WARNING to all, especially the enemies of AmightyWind Ministry and those who have believed the lies of our enemies, that GOD still Curses the disobedient and the rebellious as HE did in times of old. This video contains some footage that is not suitable for children to watch and at parts some graphic information.

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