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Homosexual is SIN, abortion is SIN!

  • Homosexual is SIN, abortion is SIN!!

    Mothers stop aborting your children!! If you feel bad about this, repent and ask ALMIGHTY GOD's forgiveness! HE is faithful, and will forgive IF YOU REALLY MEAN IT! Remember YAHUSHUA (Jesus) paid the price on the Calvary, HE took all sin upon HIMSELF then died with that sin, shed HIS blood as a replacement for Old Testament's SIN OFFERING. HE is our perfect, sinless lamb, HE paid for ALL OF US, every single one of us.

    Mothers stop being selfish, who has the power to say this baby is worthless? Who gave you the authority? Repent before too late, list all your sins, believe YAHUSHUA (Jesus) died for you and rose from dead on the third day, pray HIM come into your heart, accept HIM as your LORD. Check salvation prayer below. And remember the most important, TURN AWAY FROM THIS SIN.

    Homosexual is not a birth defect, it is a LIE FROM HELL, lie from satan. Leave this abomination before it's too late! The black boiling blood plague will soon strike. Homosexual is SIN, listen the WORD of GOD and repent!! and TURN AWAY FROM THIS SIN, GOD AND YAHUSHUA LOVE SINNERS, but THEY HATE SIN.

    Abortion is SIN, homosexual is SIN.
    Seek GOD while HE can still be find! The world doesn't have much time, truly we are on the edge of Great Tribulation, One World Order is near.

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