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Prophecy 141 - Heaven’s Courtroom: How Do You Plead?

  • Prophecy 141 - Heaven’s Courtroom: How Do You Plead?

    Ezra must repent and confess his sins before YAHUSHUA and me, Elisheva, repenting with great sorrow and doing a public video repenting before the people for the harm he has done to me and the ministry and all those who refuse to betray me. He must have a break down of the demonic spirits of arrogance and pride and cry out to YAHUSHUA for forgiveness and ask him to deliver him of the demons and all the sins he's done as those in the occult now rule him with mind control.

    He stopped walking in the calling and obeying YAHUSHUA, and insisted on dividing the ministry and saying he is the head. I urgently need holy spiritual warriors to pray he repents and ask YAHUSHUA to deliver him, especially from mind control of those around him.

    From the video:

    oh my ABBA YAHUVEH
    I come before the very courts of Heaven right now.
    I come before YOUR very Throne.
    I come before the Counsel of the Prophets right now
    through the Name and the Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.
    I don't come in my own name Elisheva Eliyahu
    for I'm nobody.
    But I tell you this,
    I'm blood-washed and I'm blood bought
    and YOU made me somebody
    the day that I accepted YAHUSHUA
    and acknowledged HIM as your only begotten SON.
    I became somebody in YOUR eyes.
    Now YOU know every hair on my head.
    Now I have HOLY legions of Angels that surround and protect me.
    Now I can call YOU FATHER
    and now my prayers can be heard.
    And yet a man who is a husband,
    who refuses to acknowledge and respect
    and who mistreats a Holy wife
    who is a Bride of YAHUSHUA especially.
    There is a scripture that says in 1 Peter
    and it warns that that husband's prayers won't even be heard.
    YOU won't even hear them

    until he repents and accepts the Blood of YAHUSHUA
    and he repents and confesses of all that he's done
    not just to YAHUSHUA but to the one he's offended the worst
    next to YAHUSHUA and ABBA YAH and IMMAYAH.
    So ABBA YAH we bring all this to YOU right now.
    All of this.

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