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Prophecy 43 Part 2 - Who Is Your Potter I YAHUVEH or Harry Potter

  • Prophecy 43 Part 2

    Who Is Your Potter, I, YAHUVEH or Harry Potter

    Parents, do you love your children? To those who say they are born again in the Shed blood of YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST, hasn't HE given you a heart of flesh? Why can't you feel the deep grieving of the RUACH ha KODESH/Holy Spirit? You stab at the heart of Abba YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA when you disobey HIM like this, endangering your children's souls! What is the price of a soul!?

    We are not groups of people, every soul is valuable to the creator and HE loving made each. Every person has their own eye color, their own texture of hair, their own voice pitch, their own color of skin. And Abba YAHUVEH lovingly made it all, each in an individual and personal way. DON'T YOU SEE THAT THIS BREAKS THE HEART OF YAH (God)!

    Parents, does the thought of your children burning in hell and the lake of fire ever cross your mind? Why lay your children on the altar of Molech? Why do you betray your children, by pushing them off the edge into hell?

    How can you be so cruel?

    Don't read this and say "It doesn't matter to God, Jesus Christ paid the price". I guarantee you, you will owe YAHUVEH on Judgment day. A life for a life. A soul for a soul. Lest you repent and turn back to the one who died to save you from this evil of the occult like Harry Potter.

    How can you indulge in the very thing that YAHUSHUA was crushed for? For you.

    Love HIM, Care for the heart of the YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA you say you serve. Love and care the children, HE has given you. Stay away from that which you know is evil. Run from it as if it is a plague, but it is worse.

    Save your children's souls. Warn others! YAH will hold you accountable!

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