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Lying Ezra believes he is God! Ezra we call you out!

  • Lying Ezra believes he is God! Ezra we call you out!

    Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu – on the Internet for 25 years – exposed, rebuked and warned lying prophet Ezra from Israel (Erez Yotam) to repent. Instead his love turned into hatred. He now casts witchcraft curses & darkest forms of Kabbalah magic, saying she would die on Passover April 19, 2019 during his 3 days of darkness prediction. He lied to the world and said hell would open up & demons would physically kill people all over the world. As you will see in this video Elisheva is not the only one whose life he threatens, but Erez Yotam and his group have made violent predictions that many others including us, the YDS at AmightyWind would die.

    Erez and his cult worship (as they call it) the “QUAD Family”. They blasphemously added a 4th person to the GODHEAD whom they claim to be the ‘twin sister’ of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (Jesus Christ). This false goddess comes straight from Greek mythology (Ourea) – see 5:00 – but they spell it “Uriyah” and dare to put the Holy Name YAH at the end. Urea is also the major organic component of human urine (yuck) hence we call it “the queen of urine”.

    WARNING because of the spiritual danger to your soul, do NOT go to Ezra's evil website or channel, this is a Thus Saith YAHUSHUA. Also if you go to these fallen angels' cyber space, your IP address will be on terrorist list of USA, Israel and other nations they've threatened e.g. threatening everyone who didn't believe their false prediction so called prophecy of 3 days of darkness on April 19, 2019, they said would be breathing nuke dust! The authorities of the 3 surrounding counties where they live together, their USA ranch compound, are also watching them because of the personal death threats they've made and their suspicious activities. There are orders of protection waiting to be served to this group. Erez Yotam wanted and fought to be the head of AmightyWind Ministry and shove Elisheva out of the leadership, so he started his own ministry & gathered with the most wicked who are now his worshipers – he is now the head of a satanic sexual cult. Women half his age all over him seen at 04:19, 30:03, 08:47.
    At 30:37 you can see Rickey Williams and his intimate kiss on Erez' cheek.

    Ezra (Erez) wasn't always this way but is like this due to mind control. A man who was so holy and full of truth is now the most unholy who now believes he is the king of Jerusalem 39:48 and that is the antichrist. Erez Yotam who likes to be called "the prophet from Israel" is one toe away from complete blasphemy.

    Amightywind has been in open warfare with them battling for the sanity of Erez back again.

    Erez Yotam & his cult also predicted other things for Passover such as the Yellowstone volcano blowing (19:55), 40 days & 40 nights of earth flooding, UFO’S and mothership landing in NY, the antichrist appearing etc. Legions of demons now fill Erez – the fallen angels that surround him fed him lying Prophecies with visions. Fallen angels are also called Aliens. Danger came when he opened up his 3rd eye – not giving heed to Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu’s warnings and rebukes.

    Erez Yotam aka false lying prophet Ezra from Israel believes he is God – 04:19, 25:35, 30:00, whole segment between 32:15 and 39:59

    Erez Yotam & his group received false prophecies during Passover week still guaranteeing that the 3 Days of Darkness would happen that week – 04:50, 08:35

    Erez Yotam’s false 3 Days & nights of darkness Prophecy for Passover 2019 – 06:35, 12:43, 16:45, 19:30

    Erez Yotam & his group call death down on his wife – 09:50, 11:30, 14:25, 26:55, entire segment between 08:32 and 20:32

    Erez Yotam believes he is the king of the earth – 32:48, 33:07, 34:00,

    Erez Yotam’s sexual satanic harem with 3 women – 04:19, 30:03, 08:47

    Erez Yotam and his cult’s countless false prophecies & prediction for last Passover 2019 – entire segment between 08:32 and 20:32

    Erez Yotam believes he is the king of Israel (that’s the antichrist) – 39:48

    Erez believes he is king of the elements – 17:26, 32:54, 34:25, 35:01, 36:46, 37:27

    Tens of thousands of people in different languages were in fear at false prophet Ezra from Israel’s lying Passover prophecy of 3 days and 3 nights of darkness – 06:33

    Erez Yotam believes he restores the universe – 33:49

    Erez Yotam believes he is God’s mentor – 34:11

    Erez Yotam believes he is God's word – 34:31

    Erez Yotam believes he will judge the earth (like YAHUSHUA will) – 35:17, 39:22

    Erez believes he is God’s anointed Cherub of Music (which was satan before he fell) and leader of all the music in heaven – 35:42

    Erez believes he is perfect (God) – 35:56

    Erez calls himself Moses the prophet from Israel – 25:00

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