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Proof Reptilian Shapeshifter Aliens Exist - Must Watch

  • Proof Reptilian Shapeshifter Aliens Exist - Must Watch

    Who are Rickey & Tatiana Williams really? Why are they on the run and what are they trying to hide. In this video you'll see what they really all stated, falsely prophesied and threatened. They are now filled with fallen angels and we show how they and others in Erez Yotam's coven are shapeshifting. What does this mean for you and your personal relationship with YAHUSHUA (JESUS) that this can happen with people. Please watch this video to find out.

    DO NOT open up your 'third eye' - it leads to insanity to the point that a reptilian/alien fallen angel can enter in! See the proof of this in this video.

    15:20 Christina Gunther’s third eye manifesting! - Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu asked a doctor who is part of this ministry if there is anything that can cause a forehead to move like that – like a parasite or a tumour? He said “Absolutely not, this is demonic” – Verified by doctor who has been a partner of this Ministry for 12 years.

    WARNING Do NOT go to Ezra's (Erez Yotam's) evil website or channel, this is a Thus Saith YAH. Also if you go to their cyber space, your IP address will be on terrorist list of USA, Israel and other nations they've threatened.

    Warning: Cannibal Shengya Pu aka Hannah knows all about human sacrifice, in detail describes how to do it 1:18:29. She knows how to murder a man. This is what they plan to do to Erez Yotam.

    4:53 Rickey Williams Reptilian eyes

    5:50 The way Rickey Williams used to be before reprobate
    8:21 The way Tatiana Harvey Williams used to be before reprobate
    10:35 Tatiana Harvey Williams shapeshifting (snake on face)
    11:06 Don’t open your third eye!
    11:45 Erez Yotam’s coven worship at least 22 “gods”!
    15:20 Christina Gunther’s third eye manifesting!
    15:30 Rickey Williams’ third eye manifesting!
    18:56 Rickey Williams and Tatiana Williams kissed Erez Yotam’s wedding ring to be “purified”
    27:25 Tatiana blackmails Erez Yotam
    31:25 Tatiana Harvey Williams escort service photos still online!
    39:05 Rickey Williams threatens Elisheva w/ death
    42:10 Rickey calls Elisheva a jezebel & for her removal.
    42:27 Rickey calls Erez Yotam a Grand MASTER (mason)
    42:49 Rickey Williams makes Erez equal with YAHUSHUA.
    43:35 Rickey calls Erez ancient (of days)
    43:47 Rickey claims Erez is omnipresent
    44:25 Rickey claims Erez is the saviour
    44:46 Rickey claims Erez has a testimony like unto YAHUSHUA (GOD)
    45:04 Rickey is a New Ager - "holy vibrations"
    45:27 Rickey believes he is a God
    45:51 Rickey claims to be a God and Elisheva had to be removed
    48:26 Rickey worships the false goddess of urine
    50:00 Rickey threatens Elisheva with a cold, lonely death - with destruction.

    Tatiana Harvey Williams

    54:13 Tatiana falsely prophesied 3 Days of Darkness Passover 2019
    54:39 Tatiana says it would be better if people hadn't been born if they don't believe her false prophecy
    56:15 Tatiana claims God tells them to do calf raises to stay awake
    58:43 Tatiana calls Elisheva great whore of babylon Threatens w/ death
    1:01:10 Tatiana calls Elisheva voodoo queen
    1:01:24 Tatiana puts thigh over Erez Yotam
    1:04:04 Tatiana in midst of Passover week guaranteed 3 days darkness
    1:04:32 Tatiana claims Elisheva has the blood on her hands for warning people about their false prophecy
    1:04:02 Tatiana claims Elisheva has to "repent" before Erez
    1:10:02 Tatiana says Elisheva & all of us will die
    1:12:29 Tatiana guarantees the 3 days of darkness
    1:12:04 Tatiana's voodoo dance
    1:12:00 Tatiana claims they "leave their minds on the shelf"
    1:12:02 Tatiana predicted we would all die
    1:12:03 Tatiana claims YAHUVEH has special whip for Elisheva
    1:22:35 Tatiana threatens Elisheva's tongue will be torn out.
    1:22:41 Tatiana's false goddess of urine guaranteeing 3 days of darkness

    * * * * *

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