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Prophecy 143 - An Ending Becomes a New Beginning! | Purim Prophecy

  • Prophecy 143 - An Ending Becomes a New Beginning! | Purim Prophecy

    Apostle & Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu is also the leader of the Asian branch / congregation of AmightyWind Ministry - appointed by YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH. During a 15 hour long meeting with many precious Asian people (as shown in this video) who are blessed by this Ministry and the Prophetic Words and Revelations that led them to YAHUSHUA of Calvary for salvation, Apostle Elisheva celebrated the Holy Feast of Purim with them, ministered and prayed with them and received a Prophetic Word from ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH! This video contains the Purim Prophecy in which THE HOLY TRINITY speak to THEIR beloved Asian Congregation, and reveals more about Ezra Caleb's rebellion and his need for repentance. The question at this time is, will he repent and turn away from his sins - allowing the good and holy anointed man (Caleb) in him to come forth and stand right by Elisheva's side feeling honored to be a Co-Leader? Or will he continue on in rebellion and idolatry and YAH will bring forth Elisheva Eliyahu's anointed Caleb in another man? Time will tell, and YAHUVEH already knows.

    Be blessed all beloveds who are a blessing to YAH'S AmightyWind Ministry that has reached millions of souls for YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (JESUS CHRIST) for 25 years online.

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