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  • Polish Congregation - HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAHUSHUA

    YAHUSHUA/JESUS' birthday is not December 25th, but during the season of the Biblical holiday in the Autumn called Hag Sukkot, or in English, the Festival of Tabernacles or Booths. The big holiday that comes next is Hanukkah, which also coincides with the time of HIS conception.

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    Here's how the Polish congregation of AmightyWind celebrated Sukkot 2019. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH birthed on this earth during Sukkot / Tabernacles! Conceived at Hanukkah!

    hours long video, and even more, coming with fun, laughter , joy, dancing , singing, original songs, celebration from some of AmightyWind International Messianic Jewish congregation! New joyful Hanukkah Prophecy! Serious Sukkot Prophecy! Thank you subscribers, please thumb up. I pray blessings on each person and look forward to meeting you in Heaven!

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