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Wake up All China Citizen !!

  • Wake up All China Citizen !!

    I am pleading with all who see this brave woman in Wuhan cry .I as Apostle/Prophet / Pastor Leader of amightyWind Internaional Biblical Hebrew Roots Ministry . My name is Elisheva Eliyahu both mother & father a Jew. I deeply love the Asian people who are not evil! Istill have tears running down my cheeks watching woman expose evil .See 2019 Purim Prophecy I ministered to 100 of Asians my Spiritual Children for 18 1/2 hours non stop in video chat! I prophesied to my pregnant Daughter in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH & Prophecy for name of anointed Son came forth as he heard & leaped in her womb! Please Share this video, please pray not just for yourself & family, pray this woman will be hidden with YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH love & mercy, protection! Do not remain silent cry loudly , Repent ask YAHUSHUA to hide , miracleous keep wuhan virus away from all whose name in Lambs Book of Life. Pray Holy Angels will bring supplies. Please pray , petion on social media, President Donald Trump will not just care about financial deals with China but will care about suffering, starving, 10 million in Wuhan no help from Chinese Government ! 80 cities in China people suffering in lockdown quarantined to house, brutality inhumanity to mankind bilogical warfare must stop! New Prophetic warning watch for it ! AmightyWind.com Congregation do not remain silent! Pray for revival in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH Name with warning repent to YAHUSHUA , HIS Saving Blood is only true protection from Corona Virus! 2 prophecies back to back we need more video makers , translators now in 52 languages for prophecies with proof in prophecies warning years in advance. I need volunteers to help me with proof in Prophecies in written document send me through Contacts . i need Hebrew Translator , Come forth! Whoever shares this video please add my message the harvest is great but laborers to help me at amightywind.com who believe the Prophecies, revelations, teachings, at AmightyWind.com. Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH COME FORTH write me! Corona virus is in Israel!

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