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Prophecy 60 - Hide Yourselves My Children For Just A Little While Longer

  • Prophecy 60

    Hide Yourselves MY Children, For Just A Little While Longer!

    "Oh how many times I have repented that I have made man. Yes, I know what is going to happen. That is because I am all knowing. I am omnipresent. I am omniscient. That does not make it easier. Ohhhh, how many times I have repented that I have made man. I look upon this world that is MY footstool. I look into the hearts and the souls of every creature on earth. I look into the secret places of their hearts. I see the evil within, even those that fill the churches, even those that fill the temples.

    And I look upon their hearts. And Ohhh, how many are so far from ME. How many only have the knowledge of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, but their hearts are far from HIM. How many only know the story of the crucifixion, and how few have crucified their own flesh. How few have laid down their cross and followed after MY Son YAHUSHUA. Again and again I send MY Apostles and Prophets to warn. Oh you hardened generation. You cover your ears. Your ears are full of wax; your hearts are waxed cold. You cover your eyes. And then you dare cover your mouth so you will not even warn anyone.

    Judgment has come, away with your hypocritical prayers and praise. How few of you have bowed your knee to ME to repent for this, for the sins, the sins of the countries you live in. I speak to the world, not just to America, but to the farthest corners and the recesses of this earth. Sin is no respecter of a person. The sin is in all the nations, from the smallest country, providences, cities and towns. Some so small they don't even have names and yet the sin remains the same.

    I am the one that hears the silent cries of MY Babies, those that never had a chance to breathe their first breath. You don't just kill them, you murderous butchers, you torture them. I shall put sinkholes under the abortion clinics. The fault lines are already there. It is invisible to the eye, but in MY timing it will be as if a giant hand reaches up from the earth and truly, as MY servant has said, they shall be drawn down into the very bowels of hell and the earth shall cover them over and all the wicked shall be in them. Your buildings that promote the evil life-style that you know that I abhor. You want to know what it is. Then read MY Scriptures. I shall do the same thing for you.

    The earthquake fault lines are already there, but think not when this happens to a region that any of the wicked will escape for they shall go down, and it shall be I, the Great God "I AM" that tramples them underground. But the righteous ones that stand forth in MY Name, the ones who are not ashamed of the NameS of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, the ones that honor MY Sabbath days and keep them holy, the ones that know to love ME is to obey ME, the ones that love MY Scriptures and hide the word in their heart. These are the ones that have built their homes on the solid rock and they will not sink deep into the sand. For I am shaking this world in MY rage, and in the days coming, you will see earthquakes unprecedented as any time before, for they will be shaking in a greater magnitude as a parent that has lost it's temper and shakes that child. This is how I will shake this earth and say, "Wake up, wake up, wake up!"

    How long, how long, how long must you try the patience of the Creator? How long must you try the patience of the Redeemer? I shall stomp MY foot on the ground and everything that can be shaken will be shaken; everything that can be uprooted will be uprooted. I shall shake up your politicians and I don't care what country you're in, you're no longer going to look to a government to provide. MY Children's going to know there is but One provider. It's the same One that poured water from a rock, that put manna on the ground. It is the same One that says I will supply all of your needs according to MY riches in Glory [Phil. 4:19]. And I have no lack in Glory. In MY fury I breathed upon not only the United States but in various parts of the world MY hot breathe. Temperatures rose as MY temper rose. Droughts came as MY Living Water was refused.

    Did anyone listen? Did anyone wonder why? I stand by and I watch man's inhumanity to man. Know this MY Children; you will not go through the Great Tribulation, those that can trust ME. But this does not mean that you will not taste the tribulation of man, man's inhumanity to man. Man that is power hungry and greedy and evil to the core, that wants to wipe righteousness off the face of the earth, that wants to wipe MY Son YAHUSHUA's Name off the face of the earth." [...]

    August 31, 2002
    Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah.

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