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Prophecy 94 - I YAHUVEH Say Do Not Underestimate MY Anger

  • Prophecy 94
    I, YAHUVEH, Say, Do Not Underestimate MY Anger For It's Been Building Up As A Raging Inferno

    Given to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah on December 22, 2007.


    "For know this, no man can silence you, no woman can silence you, no devil can silence you. I, YAHUVEH, have the power to silence you and you humbly are always at MY feet. I laugh everytime I hear you say, "I'm just minding my own business." You never mind your own business Elisabeth. You're always minding MINE. When you're playing a game, there you are before MY Throne. Constantly I'm on your mind. For Elisabeth I have raised you up and now a Word is going to come forth defending those who are truly MINE in Israel, who feel all alone. You call them Messianic Jews. They don't have a Prophet.

    But I've raised up a Prophet and I've placed you right where you are and you shall be used to bring them fresh manna from Heaven. You shall be used to pronounce MY Judgment on the others. You shall be used to bring forth MY new wine. For I have Holy that are locked in the Gaza strip. I have Holy who are being tormented along with the enemies. I have the Bride locked in Gaza. And I am calling you to pray them free. I have the Bride in Lebanon. Yea, I have Bride in Iraq even. So hidden, so neglected. Needing a Word from Heaven. I have Bride in China. They are MY Chinese Bride so satan seeks to muzzle you, to silence you but I tell you you'll only shout louder."

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