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  • Alex 7
    Alex 7 YAHUSHUA bless you.
    • Alex 7
      Alex 7 i need help very much. please pray for me.    i don't know what's happening, i think it's mind control, i don't want to beat myself up. Please support me, i feel so terrible.... i don't want to die... I'm not against AMIGHTYWIND and Mom Elisheva.
      • YAHhuer
        YAHhuer Thanks YAH! Yitschaq’s Blessing be upon our Precious Momma Elisheva Eliyahu a billion times more. HALLELU YAH!!!
        13 And Yitschaq turned to Levi first, and began to bless him first, and said to him: May the ALMIGHTY of all, the very YAHUVEH of all the ages, bless you and your children throughout all the ages.
        14 And may YAHUVEH give to you and to your seed greatness and great splendor, and cause you and your seed, from among all flesh, to approach Him to serve in His sanctuary as the malakim of the presence and as the kodesh ones. (Even) as they, shall the seed of your sons be for splendor and greatness and kodeshness, and may He make them great unto all the ages.
        15 And they shall be judges and princes, and chiefs of all the seed of the sons of Yacob; They shall speak the word of YAHUVEH in righteousness, And they shall judge all His judgments in righteousness. And they shall declare My ways to Yacob And My paths to Yisrael. The blessing of YAHUVEH shall be given in their mouths To bless all the seed of the beloved.
        16 Your mother has called your name Levi, And justly has she called your name; You shall be joined to YAHUVEH And be the companion of all the sons of Yacob; Let His table be yours, And do you and your sons eat thereof; And may your table be full unto all generations, And your food fail not unto all the ages.
        17 And let all who hate you fall down before you, And let all your adversaries be rooted out and perish; And blessed be he that blesses you, And cursed be every nation that curses you.'
        18 And to Yahudah Yitschaq said: 'May YAHUVEH give you strength and power To tread down all that hate you; A prince shall you be, you and one of your sons, over the sons of Yacob; May your name and the name of your sons go forth and traverse every land and region.
        19 Then shall the Gentiles fear before your face, and all the nations shall quake [And all the peoples shall quake]. In you shall be the help of Yacob, And in you be found the salvation of Yisrael.
        20 And when you sit on the throne of honor of your righteousness, There shall be great shalom for all the seed of the sons of the beloved; Blessed be he that blesses you, And all that hate you and afflict you and curse you Shall be rooted out and destroyed from the earth and be accursed.'
          -Book of JubileesJUBILEES 31 Yacob went to his father Yitschaq and he blesses him

        I AM THE HOLY SPIRIT that came to the Upper Room with MY HOLY WIND HOLY FIRE as stated in the Book of Acts (Acts 2:1-4).     -AMIGHTYWIND Prophecy 90
        I have another reason I call this Ministry, “AmightyWind!” For it is not only because of the Upper Room (Acts 2). It’s because I’ve anointed it to blow the reprobate enemies-whoosh! [ YAHUSHUA makes wind sound ]-chaff in the wind!                                                -AMIGHTYWIND Prophecy 129

          (Almightywind    P.O. Box 40007    Upper Hutt New Zealand 5018  
        Almightywind Ministry IMMAYAH‘S TrueNew Upper Room!!! HALLELU YAH!!!!
        ***Shabbat Shalom Precious YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, ABBA YAHUVEH,  Sweet RUACH ha KODESH our IMMAYAH and Amightywind Congregation and Asa Mikaiyah!Shabbat Shalom to our Precious Pastor, Apostle, Prophet Momma Elisheva Eliyahu. Shabbat Shalom to Israel JerUSAlem, Lebanon, and people whose names are written in the LAMB’s Book of Life. May YAH’S peace be with You forever! We Love YOU forever!!! HALLELU YAH!!!!
        We (Yacob, Yisrael ) receive the Blessing of Yitschaq, which also blesses YAHUSHUA, who sits as King Forever.May this Blessing be upon our Precious Momma Elisheva Eliyahu a billion times more.And may this Blessing be unto Israel, JerUSAlem, Lebanon, and all the children of the Kingdom of Heaven in the LAMB's Book of Life.We Bless YAH and Praise YAH's Holy Name forever! HALLELUYAH!!!
        HALLELUYAH!!! We Bless YAH, Praise YAH, Thanks YAH Forever and ever and ever and ever!!!!

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